Thursday, February 6, 2014

Page Numbers In Roman And Regular Numbers In MS Word Office 2007 Tips

Do you want to create a document with some pages numbered in Romans (i, ii, iii, etc) and the following pages numbered with regular numbers (1, 2, 3, etc)? You can easily do that in Microsoft Word from Office 2007 or even later versions. Do not rush in applying the page numbers as you do for simple documents that do not have sections. The secret in applying different formats of page numbers within the same document lies in the use of section breaks. If your document has a cover page, that is the first section, table of contents comes in the second section while the first chapter starts in the third section.

Cover Page Without Page Numbers

The cover page will not require a page number. To make sure this does not happen, follow these steps:
1.   Click on the cover page
2.   Go to ‘Page Layout’ menu and click on ‘Page Setup’.
3.   In the ‘Page setup’ dialogue box click on the ‘Layout’ tab
4.   Check the ‘Headers and footers’ section to check the box against ‘Different first page’.

After completing the above steps, you cover page will be excluded from any page numbering that applies to other sections.

Create Section Break And Start Roman Page Numbering

Now go to the page where you want the section with roman page numbers to start and complete the steps below:
1.   Go to ‘Page Layout’ menu
2.   Click on the ‘Insert Page and Section Breaks’ icon as shown in the image below

3.   Click ‘Next Page’
4.   Go to the ‘Insert’ menu
5.   Click on ‘Page Number’ and then ‘format Page Numbers’

6.   Choose the roman number format if that is what you prefer

7.   Click on the ‘Start at’ radio button and type in ‘i’ without the quotes then click ok.
After the above steps, roman page numbers will apply from that section to the end of your document. Do not worry about that but follow the steps given below.

Create Section Break And Start Regular Page Numbering

Now you must create another section break starting from the page where you want regular numbers to start. Follow these steps:
1.   Follow the same steps given earlier to create a section break.
2.   Follow the same procedure given earlier to insert page numbers, but this time under ‘Number format’ choose regular numbers (1, 2, 3, etc), and also check the ‘Start at’ radio button and type in ‘1’.
If you have successfully done everything as instructed from the beginning of this article, you should now have a document with the following three sections:
1.   Section 1 for cover page with no page number
2.   Section 2 with roman page number format
3.   Section 3 with regular page number format

There you have it, great tips on how to insert roman page numbers and regular page numbers on the same document. This is useful when working on academic research papers, dissertations and so on. If you were happy to do it after following the instructions, make sure to share with your friends on facebook, twitter, Google+ or any other social network.

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