Monday, July 14, 2014

Zmartframe - Dual Functions Multi Touch Windows Android Overlay

Zmartframe is an innovation that aims to reincarnate old PC monitors into main units of the new era. The device will help millions of users around the world to enjoy multi touch technology on their old monitors instead of disposing them. The technology is going to work with Windows operating systems from Windows XP, Windows 7 to Windows 8, while at the same time allowing an Android PC mode for users to enjoy the numerous Android apps available today.

The world's first dual functions multi touch Windows Android overlay frame for PC monitor is an innovation is led by a group of young experts with a wealth of experience in the areas of technology development and product development. Touch is increasingly becoming an important basic input method which makes computer system interactive. Many users have been throwing away their old PC monitors because they could not enjoy the technology. Zmartframe is the piece of technology that adds the multi touch capability to the old monitors. With the Zmartframe innovation for old PC monitor reincarnation, eWaste will significantly be reduced around the world and positively contribute in saving our planet from numerous environmental challenges.

Zmartframe comes with an embedded Android system and that is why it works with both Windows and Android. That enables users to benefit from multi touch technology while using their PC with monitors that were once non-touchable. The Android platform as a very powerful standalone main unit helps take over about 99% PC functions. Millions of andoid apps are available today and users can enjoy them with Zmartframe and avoid unnecessarily replacing and throwing away the old monitors.

The mass production of Zmartframe products to make them available worldwide is set to start as soon the current phase target of $200,000 through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is realized.

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